It’s one of the thing I’m interested in thinking further since I came to this old town in the west coast.

If you walk around this town, you can easily find the coffee shop. However, you can’t find a coffee chain (franchise) shop except the most worldwide coffee shop from Seattle, Starbucks. All other coffee shops are running individual business with quality selected beans that is called “3rd generation coffee”. It seems this word is pretty topic in Japan especially around Tokyo like the incredible movement when iPhone was debuted once Blue Bottle coffee launched shops. But here, nobody is talking the word as this is already local standard. 

On the other hand, it’s pretty difficult to find great Japanese and Chinese restaurants honestly. So if someone are able to establish authentic Japanese or Chinese food place here, he/she most likely gets the success. But if you establish the coffee shop here, it would be pretty competitive even if your quality is nice average. 

This is value. Always, in the business, this key factor is one of most important facet since a long time ago.

Interesting thing is that this notion is not only in the company business. 

I’m also exploring to find/define my value everyday since some my strong points in Tokyo were not value here; client relationship, confidence from internal and external local partners, understanding about local sports and (street) culture, etc. It seems like a sports. Athlete always competes  - how to find the benefit what only I can provide to the team for getting the win.  


For making opportunity, building confidence, establishing relationship, the thing we need to pursue is one of the important facet for not only company business.