NIKE RUN Fwd: (2011)

The Global Ekiden Relay – Run Fwd: Is Inspired By The Most Traditional And Prestigious Marathon Relay In Japan, The "Hakone Ekiden," Where 20 Universities Each Have 10 Elite Runners Race For Two Days (January 2 And 3) From Tokyo To The Mountain Town, Hakone, And Back. 
This Run Fwd: Campaign Takes The Idea Of Relay And Asks Runners To Use Nike+ To Pass On The Baton/Sash Via E-Mail.


Silver At The CLIO 2011, Interactive Campaign

Silver At The AdFest 2011, Cyber > Best Use Of Viral

Gold At The TIAA 2011, Integrated Campaign > Interactive

Gold At The TIAA 2011, Website > Campaign Site

Bronze At The TIAA 2011, Mobile - Bronze


Executive Creative Director: Naoki Ito (伊藤 直樹), Frank Hahn

Art Director: Naoki Ga (何 直己)

Cory Writer: Hisashi Kuyama (久山 弘史), Andrew Miller 

Interactive Copy Writer: Takayuki Rokutan (六反 孝幸)

Designer: Mark Okon

Director / Editor / Animator: Genki Ito (伊東 玄己)

Account Team: Kohei Adachi (足立 公平), Shinya Kamata (鎌田 慎也)

Root Communications

テクニカルディレクター:寺嶋 徹

WEBディレクター:吉川 裕美

システムエンジニア / プログラマー :田中 毅

マークアップエンジニア :二ノ宮 岳史


Interactive Designer:Ken Murayama (村山 健)

Art Director (WEB): Masanori Sakamoto (坂本 政則)


プロデューサー (FILM): 山本 賢治

プロダクションマネージャー (FILM): 斎藤 ポコ

フォトグラフィーディレクター: 野田 直樹