NIKE Snow Day (2015)

We wanted to extend our brand POV – reminding the youth in North America that you can’t win if you don’t play during the winter months to drive Nike’s business.

When the cold sets in, the true athlete lights up. Because they get to play in ways they can’t any other time of the year. And if the purity of sport lies in creativity and imagination, winter unlocks the freedom of play unlike any other season.

The elements offer a unique set of challenges. But when you strip away the hype, winter is just frosty temperatures and a blank canvas ready for athletic exploration.

The film shows Rob Gronkowski (the most childlike NFL player) assembles his football squad and heads to the snowy field; an opposing team of cross-category all-stars lead by Ndamukong Suh meet them and challenge them to a game of tackle, now in total chaotic sports fun.

Creative Directors: Chris Groom, Stuart Brown
Copywriter: Brock Kirby
Art Director: Lee Jennings
Producer: Jeff Selis
Agency Executive Producer: Matt Hunnicutt
Designer: Edgar Morales, Seth Shelman
Studio Manager: Alicia Kuna
Motion: Jeff Ackley, Oliver Rokoff, Adam Sirkin
Color/Retouching: Adam Sirkin, Saskia Thomson
Art Buyer: Grace Petrenka
Digital Production: Patrick Marzullo, Ben Oh, Evelyn Loomis, Jenna Simon
Digital/Social Strategy: Reid Schilperoort
Strategic Planning: Andy Lindblade, Brandon Thornton, Reid Schilperoort
Media/Comms Planning: Daniel Sheniak, Reme DeBisschop, Lisa Feldhusen, Natalie Welch
Account Team: Karrelle Dixon, Corey Woodson, Shinya Kamata
Project Manager:Andrea Nelsen
Business Affairs: Amber Lavender
Head of Production: Ben Grylewicz
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff / Joe Staples
Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Steve Rogers
Executive Producer: Shawn Lacy/Holly Vega/Dana Balkin
Line Producer: Jay Veal
Director of Photography: Alwin Kuchler
1st AD: Craig Owens
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Holly Vega
Joint Editorial, Portland
Editor: Peter Wiedensmith
Assistant Editor: Dylan Sylwester
Post Producer: Jen Milano
Executive Producer: Leslie Carthy
Operations Director: Mary Zuleger
Sound Designer: Noah Woodburn
Mixer: Noah Woodburn

The Mission
Lead Flame: Joey Brattesani
Animation Director: Piotr Karwas
On-Set Supervisor: Michael Gibson
VFX Producer: Diana Cheng
Managing Director: Michael Pardee
Executive Producer: Ellen Turner
Zach King Vines, Los Angeles
Director/Editor: Zach King
Producer: Jadon Gauthier
Photographer: Gary Land
Production Company: Avenue 53
Producer: Greg Broussard