NIKE+ FUELBAND SE Japan Launch Campaign (2013)

We created a campaign for the launch of Nike+ FuelBand in Japan. Nike+ FuelBand measures all kinds of activities in your daily life that are not limited to specific sports by using NikeFuel, a unit uniquely developed by Nike. In order to communicate this product feature most effectively, we have featured campaign ambassadors who are not professional athletes, such as a skater, dancer and a fashion model.

Nike+ FuelBand SE is a motivation tool that makes your everyday life more active. We used Nike+ FuelBand SE to communicate Nike’s brand voice that every aspect of your life is sports through web films, a campaign site, outdoor advertising as well as a participatory campaign.


Executive Creative Director: Caleb Jensen

Associate Creative Director: Naoki Ga ( 直己)

Art Director: Yohei Adachi (足立 洋平)

Copy Writer: Hiroshi Kuyama (久山 弘史) / Asami Yamashita (山下 麻実)

Account Director: Ryan Johnson

Account Executive: Shinya Kamata (鎌田 慎也)

Print Producer: Yoko Onodera (小野寺 陽子)

Art Buyer: Hiromi Shibuya (渋谷 浩美)

Rooftop inc.

Producer: Kenji Yamamoto(山本 賢治), Masahiko Abe(阿部昌彦) 

Assistant Producer: Kozo Isono(磯野 耕三) 


Director: Takayuki Akachi(赤地 剛幸)

Assistant Director: Moemi Goda(合田 萌美)

Director of Photograpy: Masasshi Sasaki(佐々木 雅史)

Second Camera: Yoshihiro Niimi(新美 吉弘)