The flexible sole of Nike Free Run+ shoes forces you to work rarely used muscles that build overall foot strength. To showcase the flexibility of the shoe, we used facial recognition technology that allowed consumers to bend and twist a Nike Free using their facial muscles. Based on the color of clothes the user was wearing, Free Face recommended a custom pair of Nike Frees, which could then be purchased on NikeiD.


Shortlisted at The Cannes Creative Festival 2013, Direct Lions > Social Media & Visual Marketing 

Nominee at The Webby Award 2013, Interactive & Media > Online Guerrilla & Innovation

Honoree, at The Webby Award 2013, Interactive Advertising > Viral Marketin




Creative Director: Caleb Jensen

Associate Creative Director: Naoki Ga (何 直己)

Copywriter: Andrew Miller

Copywriter: Konosuke Kamitani (神谷 幸之助) (NAKAHATA)

Account Supervisor: Kohei Adachi (足立 公平)

Assistant Account Executive: Shinya Kamata (鎌田 慎也)

Executive Creative Director: Tota Hasegawa (長谷川 踏太)

Account Director: Hirotaka Kuki (九鬼 裕隆)

ROOT Communications

Technical Director: Toru Terashima (寺嶋 徹)

Programer: Tsuyoshi Tanaka (田中 毅), Masatoshi Fujiyama (藤山 雅敏)

Project Manager: Reiko Kawaguchi (川口 玲子)


Technical Creative Director: Seiichi Saito (斎藤 精一)


Art Director, Designer: Masanori Sakamoto (坂本 政則)

Interactive Director, Flash Developer: Ken Murayama (村山 健)

Markup Engineer: Shogo Yano (矢野 将吾)